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Urleni Lower Primary School in Sindhulpachowk


After a shaky busride for half an hour followed by a two hours walk uphill we were warmly welcomed by happy children smiles and a joyful „Namaste“. We had reached our aim on the peak of a hill at the southern edge of the Himalaya. The village Urleni is located on a very remote spot without any access roads what makes it really hard to reach the village by vehicles at all. The Urleni Primary School teaches 52 children from class one to three.

Due to the earthquake one of the two former buildings was completely destroyed. The building left is also about to collapse during another quake. The sanitary installations are makeshiftly arranged. To replace the old building and provide three classrooms, a temporary hut made of corrugated iron sheets and wood was built.

The school is in need of four to six classrooms as the headteacher would like to give more children from the neighbourhood the opportunity to go to school. Because of the remote location of the village the school didn‘t get any support from the governemt or aid organisations so far. The temporary classrooms were built by locals with construction material from the collapsed building.

New buildings are essential to reopen an everyday school life. Complicated by the remote location it is necessary to use building materials from the close proximity. The local rubble can be used as masonry and wood from the nearby forrest for roof constructions. Any further materials have to be carried up the hill by foot.


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