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Shree Nabin Gram Shiksha Mandir Secondary School


Because of the „Shivaratri“-holiday in honor of the Hindu God Lord Shiva last Monday and the international world women’s day the day after, schools were closed. We used the free days to travel around and to explore the country. Taking public busses we went to the Annapurna region where we could see the Himalaya and climbed some summits.

Back in Sankhu we headed of to the next school in Nonglebhare, Shankharpur the next Monday. We were kindly welcomed by the principal and the teachers. Afterwords we altogether took a look at the school area where 264 students are taught in ten classes and one preschool class. That is why for teaching purposes 14 rooms are necessary, which at the moment are situated in five existing buildings. Only two of the five buildings survived the earthquake almost unscathed. These two buildings mostly host classrooms, staffrooms for the teachers and the principal as well as rooms for the preschool class. Regarding the other buildings one is imminent of sliding down the hill and on the other one the walls are provisionally repaired with corrugated iron sheets. Latter one can only be partially used because the children are too afraid of more earthquakes.

With financial support the school was able to build a sixth building, which for the time being is not finished. Later it should be used as an IT-room. Unfortunately the building will not be earthquakeproof. In addition to the reparation of the existing buildings the school will need six classrooms.

On first sight the school may seem intact but on closer inspection lots of deficiencies appear that need more than just a repair. Help is urgent on both of the buildings struck by the earthquake. The destruction makes a rebuild indispensable. At the moment the other buildings that are still in use look safe but do not correlate with the requirements of earthquake-proof buildings and should be replaced with new buildings. Only the oldest building seems so massive that it could withstand coming earthquakes.

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