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Shree Makendra Secondary School

Shree Makendra Secondary School

Last Thursday we left for our last school to visit. The school is located in Mukesh’s home town Sankhu and only a few minutes away from his house. The school teaches 70 students from preschool to the eighth class.

Again we were kindly welcomed and received directly in the teachers office by the principal and some teachers. After a short conversation we were able to tour the school. The destruction by the earthquake was obvious on first sight. All four existing buildings show severe damage. One even had to be demolished later. On a second building the reconstruction is in full operation. Collapsed walls are being rebuild a the moment. Because of the lack of rooms some students have to be taught outside or in a provisional bamboo hut. These less-than ideal solutions only work when the weather is good. If the conditions change or winter comes teaching will be nearly impossible.

Despite the bad financial situation of public schools this school in Sankhu found a potential backer, that is why the reparations can be done and one destroyed building can be rebuild. New sanitary facilities are almost completed. Because there is already help from outside and because of the limited space on the site we cannot support this school wth our project. However the school needs help in terms of teaching materials, new tables and chairs, solar cells and lots more.

Because there are lots of construction sites on the school area we could take a look at the remaining pieces or structural systems which are kept and probably will be reused. We could take a look at the structural elements of a typical public school in Nepal. Together with all the information from the other schools we know understand the full function principle behind the brick walls. We can now analyze the constituent construction of public schools in Nepal.

Shree Makendra Secondary School2

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