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Shree Chandeshwori Primary School


On the same day we took another bus and walked for 30 minutes uphill to reach the next school in Sindhulpachowk district. The school is located on a small plateau at the end of the village. Round about 75 pupils visit the school. They are separated into five classes and two preschool classes. At the moment there is an arrangement of five temporary classrooms to hold classes.

Arriving at the site we stood in front of a green hut made of bamboo accompanied with two small nissen huts. On the opposite side a rubble mountain was grown as tall as a man: everything that is left from the former school building. The children have to climb this mountain every time they want to visit the facilities. Some meters down the hill and quite hard to reach we spotted another building still under construction. But unfortunately only the steel construction of a corrugated iron roof was completed, because there wasn´t enough money. The area has a very sandy soil that results in a risk of landslides in case of heavy rain or further earthquakes. Because the epicentres of last years big earthquakes were located in Sindhulpachowk it happens that there are still perceptible aftershocks in that area.

At the moment an everyday school life is only partially possible. It is really necessary to replace the temporary huts with new buildings. There are six new classrooms, a library and a computer lab in need.


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