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Secondary School Kintang


During our first week in Nepal we travelled from Sankhu to Kathmandu to stay there for one night before taking an overcrowded bus for 8 ours to reach our destination Kintang in Nuwakot the next day. The journey was bumpy, filled with heat and really dusty at the end. But arriving in Kintang we were hearthly welcomed by a local family who hosted us the next three days. The father of the family is the head of the village‘s monestry and one of his sons works as a teacher in the local school. Like other families in the neighborhood our host family also lost their home due to the earthquake. They were able to built a temporary home with help of charitable organizations but mostly their own hard work. One year after the earthquake one son still works on building the necessary living spaces made of wood and corrugated iron sheets.
The school was mostly destroyed, too. One building that was just finished before the earthquake is unusable now. The other classrooms are only left in their roughly bearing structures. Tarpaulins and tin sheds where arranged as walls but hardly work as windbreakers not to speak of shelter in winter season or against the heat in summer.

With a small ceremony we were welcomed from pupils and teachers. Introductory we talked about the current condition of the school and the urgent necessity of changes with the teachers facing the many needs. During an inspection of the schools area we examined the structural condition and brainstormed first ideas about building materials and constructions.

Afterwards we listened to Mukesh‘s lesson about family planning to which the children reacted really responsive. In addition we introduced us and our project to the kids.

In the evenings the family prepared dinner for us and after the delicious meal everyone sat around the fire place chatting and laughing. Amrit, one of the sons, lived a couple of years in Kuwait and therefore was quite good in the English language. He told us a lot about the earthquake, how the people suffered from it and the months after. We got vivid impressions and were deeply grieved by all the harm. The next morning it was time to say farewell and start our adventurous way back.

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