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Nepal in Facts

In April and May 2015 Nepal was affected by 7,8 and 7,2-magniude earthquakes with their epicentres nearby the capital city Kathmandu. The quakes claimed 8.800 lives and the number of casualties climbed up to about 22.300, what makes the incident to one of the deadliest catastrophes. The condolence and the readiness to give money is enormous high as well as the warranty of technical and financial support given by many states.

Regardless, there are many people who have to live in provisional housings still. The promised support from the state is restrained by the countries bureaucracy and so the situation of many people has not improved yet. The international relief only affects the region of Kathmandu and its surroundings. There is a high demand of architecture on site, especially when it comes to the lack of schools, civic or medical centres. It even just the basic need in having a roof over ones head which cannot be ensured for everybody.