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About Us

We are studying architecture at the Technical University of Dresden in our fourth academic year right now. The studies provide especially a theoretical foundation, but the practical implementation could get more attention. With our planned project we want to get active and focus on practice by ourselves.

02 NAMEN lennart

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Born and raised near Bremen in Lower Saxony me and my family moved to southern France after finishing fourth grade. Living there for seven years was a very exciting and formative time for me. Early I discovered my passion for architecture and I knew what I wanted to study later on. Now I am living in Dresden for more than three years studying architecture. In my free time I like to spend time with digital photography.



02 NAMEN nina

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Up to age ten I grew up in Dresden before my family moved to a village nearby where I took my Abitur in 2012. I moved back to Dresden afterwards and started studying architecture.
I was always interested in arts and especially being creative on my own. During the last years in school I considered to implement my ideas in drafts among others in drawings and modells. Thats what made me feel more and more certain about studying architecture. It is really important for me to succeed the project and therefore effect something for the locals in Nepal. Furthermore all the experiences we‘ll gain due to the project are very important in a personal way.

02 NAMEN thomas

_MG_4038 copyI grow up in the Rheinland right next to Bonn. A defining part during my school time was the youth work in my hometown. I went to the school of the Redemptorist in Bonn. First in middle school and later I graduated from high school. Trough the voluntier program of the Redemptorist I became the chance to spend a year in Belfast, Northern Irland. I worked there as a member of the Youth & Young Adult Ministry at Clonard Monastery. Our main work field were daily retreats with school classes and youth groups from around the area. After the year in Belfast I started to study architecture at TU Dresden in Wintersemester 2011/2012. Since the 5th semester I am a member of the student representatives which gave me the chance to contribute in the development of the faculty. My interest of architecture was built throughout the last three school years. Friends with the same job idea and especially the possibility to be creative every day and implement the own ideas fascinated me the most.

02 NAMEN julia

_MG_4017 copy„said the river: imagine everything you can imagine, then keep on going.“ – mary oliver
What inspires me: People passing my way and the relations to those who surround me day by day, uncommon pictures in a familiar scene, surprising situations where I didn´t expect them. As I am a curious, open minded and obliging person I always like to get to know about other peoples personal stories, both on travelling and in my daily life. My personality was strongly shaped by the year between Highschool and University with several internships, travels and a longer stay abroad as an Au Pair. Starting my studies this journey continued, accompanied by my high interest as well in architecture, forming spaces that surround us, as in art, culture and literature.