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What exactly is it what we want to do?

Nepal is still affected by the heavy earthquakes from 2015. We already established contacts with one person on site, so Nepal became our „place to support“. Even if a lot of international organisations initiated supporting measures, every working hand is still needed.
So that is what we have in common with you – we want to improve the difficult situation of the Nepalese.

Kinder auf WegOur intention is to focus on schools and orphanages. We want to create new rooms and afterwards to realize the actual building together with the locals. Therefore we are dependent on collecting donations and also your support!

In March we have been to Nepal for four weeks to gather new information which will give us the foundation to lean on for the further realization of our project. Mukesh, a friend of ours who lives in Kathmandu, supported us the whole time. He stays in contact with remoted villages and schools and provides them with school materials. Together we have visited different places, checked the local circumstances and got an idea of the needed and available materials. With these information and first drafts we are going to determine the basic conditions of the project. Afterwards we can start to plan in detail and to develop the building.

The project should be financed by sponsors. Additionally we want to collect donations with a crowdfunding action.

Urleni Lower Primary School

After we weighted all informations we decided to support the Urleni Lower Primary School in Sindhupalchowk. The village is situated at the summit of one of the mountains at the southern edge of the Himalaya. The place is located on a very remote spot without any access roads what makes it really hard to reach the village by vehicles at all.

That is why there was no support from the outside so far, what made us more incouraged to help there. The Urleni Primary School teaches 52 pupils from class one to three. The principal of the school is Yag Bahadur Aryal, who lives on the hillside and has to walk for one and a half hour everyday. Next to giving classes he also provides the children meals. The school consisted of two buildings including two to four classrooms each. Due to the earthquake one of the former buildings was completely destroyed. The remained building is also about to collapse during another quake. The sanitary installations are makeshiftly arranged. To replace the old building locals built a hut made of corrugated iron sheets and wood, which provides temporary three classrooms. The used materials are remains of the collapsed building.

urleni lageplan 2Urleni Grundriss umgedreht

The headteacher would like to give more children from the neighbourhood the opportunity to go to school. Therefore a new building would be in the need of four to six classrooms. Complicated by the remote location of the school it is necessary to use building materials from the close proximity. The local rubble can be used as masonry and wood from the nearby forrest for roof constructions. Any further materials have to be carried up the hill by foot.

After we made our decision for this specific school and site we can start with the detailed planning and the preparations for the project now.

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